Fairway Green Cannabis Adds VP Research and Development

June 7, 2020 (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) Fairway Green Cannabis is a privately held Ottawa based Biotech Company developing solutions for medical grade cannabis and cannabinoids.

“Fairway Green Cannabis plans to build a large research and development operation lead by Matt Lussier-Price PH.D,” explained Michael Inskip, the Chief Executive Officer of Fairway Green Cannabis.

“Understanding the molecular building blocks of life is an invaluable asset to any innovative cannabis company,” explained Mr. Inskip. “With close to a decade of experience in health science research, not only does Dr. Lussier-Price understand how these building blocks work, he has also learned how to control them.”

“Fairway Green Cannabis will be developing and patenting engineered enzymes that will target production of key cannabinoids and we will be researching and patenting alternative growing strategies combining tailored genetics with smart containers, biosensors, aeroponics and artificial intelligence for cultivation,” elaborated Mr. Inskip. “We are pleased to have Matthew join the executive team and lead our research and development efforts.”

Matthew Lussier-Price is a PhD graduate in Biochemistry from the University of Montreal, with expertise in structural and molecular biology.

For more information, please visit: www.fairwaygreencannabis.com or contact Mathew.Lussier-Price@fairwaygreencannabis.com.

Michael Inskip
Chief Executive Officer
Fairway Green Cannabis Michael.Inskip@fairwaygreencannabis.com

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