Fairway Green Cannabis Enters Canadian Medical Marijuana Market

June 8, 2020 (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) Fairway Green Cannabis is a privately held Ottawa based Biotech Company developing solutions for medical grade cannabis and cannabinoids.

Fairway Green Cannabis will operate three business units: Research and Development, Seeds and Cultivation. “Fairway Green Cannabis plans to build a large research and development operation lead by Matt Lussier-Price PH.D,” explained Mr. Inskip. “We will be developing and patenting engineered enzymes that will target production of key cannabinoids and we will be researching and patenting alternative growing strategies combining tailored genetics with smart containers, biosensors, aeroponics and artificial intelligence for cultivation.”

Gordon Freedman a well known Ottawa based patent expert who was previously the CEO of a company acquired by Google will be responsible for running Fairway Green Cannabis’s seed business unit and Intellectual Property (IP) operations. “We are thrilled to have Gordon involved in building Fairway Green Cannabis from scratch,” explained Mr. Inskip.

“We continue to see the monthly sales of licensed cannabis increase so while some are negative on the cannabis space, we are choosing a longer term view and will focus on research and development for this growing market,” explained Chief Executive Officer Michael Inskip.

“We added to our cultivation knowledge base by acquiring the assets of NordikLeaf in a unique transaction,” elaborated Inskip. James MacKenzie, CEO of NordikLeaf added that “this is a unique opportunity that Fairway Green Cannabis brings to the industry, and one we’re happy to join. This purchase provides for a fresh perspective and an expanded vision combining a wealth of corporate and industry experience for a better outcome for our shareholders.”

“With the evolving cannabis market, opportunities are arising to build a valuable, profitable and sustainable business by developing new technologies and products supporting the medical marijuana market,” summarized Mr. Inskip.

Fairway Green Cannabis is actively looking to acquire additional cannabis companies with Research and Development operations, product ideas or a Health Canada license to cultivate.

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