Fairway Green Cannabis Acquires Agriculture Business Unit from Nanobubble Control Systems

August 3rd, 2020 (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) Fairway Green Cannabis, a privately held Biotech Company developing solutions for medical grade cannabis and cannabinoids has announced they have acquired Ottawa based Nanobubble Control Systems agriculture business.

“We were very happy to acquire the agriculture business unit of Nanobubble Control Systems as their technology was coveted by our Research and Development and Cultivation operations,” announced Michael Inskip, Chief Executive Officer, Fairway Green Cannabis (FGC). “Their technology found immediate applications within our company and with our recent acquisition of EcoGreenCrops we could see the value of adding artificial intelligence and machine learning to the Nanobubble Control Systems product offerings,” explains Mr. Inskip.

Founded by John Fielding, Nanobubble Control Systems (NCS) brings together state of the art nanobubble generation techniques with state of the art monitoring and control technologies to build client optimized agricultural solutions. Their solutions offer transformative yield increases, increased fertilizer efficiency, reduced dependence on chemical pesticides, and lower operational costs without the need for large capital or infrastructure investments.

“I am really looking forward to joining the Fairway Green Cannabis team, and am especially excited to be working with their artificial intelligence, machine learning software and vertical farming technologies,” explained John Fielding, the Chief Executive Officer of Nanobubble Control Systems. “This is a perfect fit and a natural extension for our nanobubble technology.”

“We are excited to integrate nanobubble technology into our automated grow system. This will improve operations, automation, and safety in many of our greenhouse applications,” explained Gordon Freedman, VP Intellectual Property Fairway Green Cannabis. “With ever increasing concern over fertilizers and pesticides, it is exciting to work with a technology that allows Fairway Green Cannabis to do many common tasks without those harmful chemicals being introduced to the plants. The resulting produce will be natural, something sought after by today’s consumers,” outlined Mr. Freedman.

“Nanobubbles is an exciting sustainable technology with a proven application in agriculture. By increasing gas solubility and the lifetime of oxygen in liquid, nanobubbles will not only allow Fairway Green Cannabis to improve overall biomass yields, but also offer a green solution to remove water contaminants,” explained Matt Lussier-Price, VP Research and Development, Fairway Green Cannabis.

“We are thrilled to have John Fielding join the team at Fairway Green Cannabis,” explained Mr. Inskip. “John’s company and technology fits nicely within our organization and he is a great fit for our company as we execute and build Fairway Green Cannabis.”

John is the founder and CEO of Nanobubble Control Systems. He is a seasoned executive with over 30 years’ experience in high technology industries such as Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE), Nortel, Mitel and Bookham Technology. As Regional Director of Business Development at OCE he headed up a team responsible for industry and academic engagement. OCE is where he developed his passion for working with entrepreneurs and start-ups. He has held senior management positions dealing with business development, strategic relationships and mergers and acquisitions ranging from small, less than 100 persons, to large several billion-dollar investments.

Fairway Green Cannabis is actively looking to acquire additional cannabis companies with Research and Development operations, product ideas or a Health Canada license to cultivate.

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