Fairway Green Cannabis Launches Vertical Farming Business Unit

September 3, 2020 (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) Fairway Green Cannabis, a privately held Biotech Company developing solutions for medical grade cannabis and cannabinoids has announced they have expanded their operations to include a vertical farming business unit.

“With our expertise in vertical farming and cultivation combined with our artificial intelligence, machine learning and nanobubble technologies our company can offer self contained modular units custom designed to meet the needs of the cannabis and the Ag-Tech industry,” explained Michael Inskip, the Chief Executive Officer of Fairway Green Cannabis. “In addition to finding applications for Research and Development, cannabis cultivation, agriculture and food production our self contained modular product lines can transfer to optimize a variety of medical and pharmaceutical applications.”

Craig Rowe the Vice President of Cultivation for Fairway Green Cannabis will be tasked with building the vertical farming business unit. “Craig has specialized in the design and development of vertical indoor and modular applications in the Ag-Tech Sector of Controlled Environmental Agriculture (CEA) and has expertise in integrating lighting spectrum ratios, organic, bio-organic alternative nutrient growing solutions for projects in Food, Tobacco and Cannabis,” explained Mr. Inskip. “This expertise combined with our R and D projects, the nanobubble technology and the artificial intelligence deep learning technologies obtained from our recent acquisitions allows us to deliver vertical farms that have been outfitted with artificial intelligence for monitoring, nutrient dense living soils supported by clean nanobubble technology that can increase yields dramatically; while allowing customers the benefit of year round growing no matter the weather conditions.”

“As the increased demand for food security presents itself our vertical farming unit can provide solutions to cultivate, protection from weather related issues, farmers can produce crops organically and pesticide free,” explained Mr. Rowe. “Simply put the integration of these new technologies will increase the overall quality of the produce being cultivated, decrease the carbon footprint and increase the farmers return on investment,” stated Mr. Rowe. “With focus on energy and water conservation our streamlined vertical farming units will bridge the gap from traditional cultivation practices to more sustainable cultivation methods,” Craig explained.

In June, Fairway Green Cannabis announced the acquisition of the assets of Nordik Leaf. In July, then acquired EcoGreen Crops for their artificial intelligence technologies and in August then acquired the Ag-Tech business from Nanobubble Control Systems.

Fairway Green Cannabis is actively looking to acquire additional cannabis companies with Research and Development operations, product ideas or a Health Canada license to cultivate.

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