Craig Rowe

Craig Rowe

Vice President, Cultivation & New Product Development

Craig Rowe, our VP, Cultivation has grass roots in the cannabis community. Mr. Rowe has been cultivating craft cannabis for fifteen years and he has been in the Healthcare industry for twenty years, the last ten years in Post-Secondary Education. He has been authorized since 2006 with a Designated Production (DP) License issued under the Marijuana Medical Access Regulations (MMAR). Now known as the Cannabis Act. Craig holds an undergraduate degree from Ottawa University in Nursing Science with a focus on cannabis.

Mr. Rowe integrates innovative growing technologies that simplifies and streamlines the cultivation process. He has specialized in design and development of vertical indoor and modular applications in the Ag-Tech Sector of Controlled Environmental Agriculture (CEA) and has expertise in integrating lighting spectrum ratios, organic, bio-organic alternative nutrient growing solutions for projects in Food, Tobacco and Cannabis.

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Our Mission

To bring science and new technologies to the Cannabis 2.0 market.